Twitter for Coaches & Consultants [Training Video]

Twitter for Expert Solo Entrepreneurs Coaches, Consultants, Speakers
I will show you how you can get a return on your investment!

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Our connections and relationships need to be more personal for us to generate business and develop new partnerships on Twitter.

We need to be able to show that we can walk our talk and add value.

Within this 50 minute walkthrough video training guide, I talk about and show you.


Membership Video Training

Membership Video Training


The key ingredients you need to start building relationships with potential clients and how to move these relationships off line into real time conversation!


  1. how to market your business on a no budget
  2. why it’s so important to niche your Twitter account in-line with your business
  3. how Twitter works best for expert coaches
  4. why it’s important to position yourself as the expert in your niche
  5. why building a selective following is important for gaining more Retweets, mentions and more business leads
  6. how to identify your clients on Twitter
  7. how to create a Twitter list and put people into categories
  8. why losing followers is OK and no big deal
  9. why focusing in on one theme at a time is important for your success
  10. how to attract clients towards you consistently so you can bild your lead list
  11. your online branding and copy
  12. why using your logo as your avatar is a bad idea
  13. why being clear with your messages is so important
  14. using Twitter search to find new people to follow and how to acknowledge them
  15. how to build a selective community that you can nurture and build relationships with
  16. an example of a successful campaign I have ran and consistently gained new business from
  17. how to get calls with your potential clients
  18. how to give something of value so you can start great word of mouth marketing on-line
  19. what to do when you have booked those calls in your diary
  20. how to focus on a twenty minute phone call that gets results and adds value
  21. how to move people from on-line to off-line
  22. how to get people recommending you to their followers

Happy Tweeting :-) @TheTweepleQueen


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